Ed Holmes Realtor

Celebrate the present.
Honor the past.
Connect with where you are.

Gather warm materials.
Bring only the essential.
Build a quiet space.

Leave your mark.
Improve your world.

Find your inner urban.

Expressing Your Voice

As more of us migrate to urban areas, the need to curate an authentic experience for ourselves becomes increasingly important. The spaces we choose reflect our essence.

Discovering the unexpected, being meticulous in our selection, and connecting with what surrounds us, we express this experience in our own voice.

Trusted Partner

Along this journey you will need a trusted partner, an advocate, committed to the best possible outcome for your personal goal.

Each client with whom I partner, and each property entrusted to my care, receives this approach — careful listening, immersive research, informed guidance, personalized care.

Authentic Purpose

Honest authenticity nourishes success. Integrity of word, thought, and deed provides clarity in the moment and forms trust along the way. This is an essential element to all business transactions, and a personal promise I extend to my clients.

Aligning Opposites

Needs and dreams. Logic and emotion. Separate forces that can often seem in conflict. Each has its purpose. Both must be nurtured. Uncovering what motivates each, aligns both to form functional solutions no longer in opposition, but exhilarating.

Building a Team

No one is successful on their own. Collaboration is a key component to success, and being a good team player is simply good strategy.

Building a strong network of resources and alliances expands effectiveness, and ultimately, results. Plus, it makes the journey more rewarding.


“Ed is a perfect combination of artistic and analytic, the two qualities that got us the beautiful home we live in now. From the beginning of our journey, he patiently set out to fully understand our preferences and constraints in order to 'personalize' his advice. His great spirit made us feel hopeful even when there were setbacks.

Above all, his command of the technical and legal aspects, along with the overall process of purchasing a home, made us feel confident and protected throughout the journey."

Omid and Hengameh

"Ed helped us buy our first home. He is amazing to work with! He was thorough and patient with us from the beginning, walked us through the entire process, and was very prompt in answering all of our questions. Even when we experienced a few challenges with the seller regarding the condition of the home, Ed went above and beyond to make sure we got the best deal. We highly recommend Ed to anyone who is in need of a great realtor."

Airi and Kris

"Ed was a pleasant surprise during my open house search. I didn't want to be locked in with one agent until I met Ed, who was the kind of agent that was generous with information while being genuine, and with no pressure. This is why I ultimately selected him to help me finalize my search.

Ed is a great listener. He is also a patient and thorough communicator. So I trusted him to guide me through the complex process of negotiating and purchasing a home. I would recommend Ed to my friends and hope to work with him again."


"Ed was a great partner in helping us find our first home. We were new to this process and he helped guide us every step of the way. He was extremely patient as we changed our minds, and ultimately reverted back to what we originally wanted.

When we finally found our place, Ed guided us from offer to close. He helped us understand what we needed to look for and how to maneuver the fast San Francisco market. We highly recommend him to others looking to find their new home."

Damian and Oksana